Доставка Корзина пуста Войти


Pablo Harymbat, was born in Buenos Aires in 1977.
His father taught him to draw at the age of 5.
Since he was a child, he had a big tendence
to creativity in every form. His first paintings are
from the year´95.By the´97 he started to make experiments with graffiti.
Since then, he has passed through several techniques and supports
till the end of 2004, when he deepened in the latex paint technic,
which allowed him to produce large pieces on walls, buildings,
bridges, etc; using stairs, scaffolds or directly with brushes
holded on large sticks. Known as neo-graffiti or post-graffiti,
his work is a convergence of several influences, not only from
urban art, also from folk art, religious icons, comic graphics,
’60 psychodelia, etc. With his image, he build live-worlds that
mutate and transform all the time, retro futurist citys and
ambiguous characters.

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