Доставка Корзина пуста Войти


Stanislav SCHEME
Was born and lives in Moscow. Works as a freelancer. Graffiti-active since year 2004.

Projects and exhibitions:
2007 “Planet Prozess”, international street-art festival in Berlin [ http://stylekonstruktor.com/pitm.lp?i=6 ]
2008 “Names”, first international street-art festival in Czech Republic, Trafacka gallery and outside space, Prague [ http://stylekonstruktor.com/pitm.lp?i=1 ]
2009 “Glasnostdead”, Soviet-oriented art exhibition, GHP-Mars gallery, Toulouse [ http://stylekonstruktor.com/pitm.lp?i=7 ]
2009 “Urbanarts”, international street-art festival in Malmo [ http://stylekonstruktor.com/bitm.lp?i=32 ]
2009 “20 years since the Berlin Wall fall in Nantes”, live-painting and action in historical center of Nantes [ http://stylekonstruktor.com/bitm.lp?i=36 ]
2010 “5º ASALTO Urban Art Festival”, international street-art festival in historical center of Zaragoza [ http://stylekonstruktor.com/bitm.lp?i=45 ]
2011 “Public Provocations III”, group exhibition, Carhartt gallery, Weil am Rhein [ http://stylekonstruktor.com/pitm.lp?i=8 ]
2012 “Pendants Parlants”, group exhibition of contemporary art, Kunsthaus Interlaken museum, Interlaken [ http://schemeone.livejournal.com/51691.html ]
2012 “Heaven Meets Earth”, international street-art festival in St. Ottilien monastery, Eresing (Munich) [ http://ekosystem.org/date_big/2012-10-29 ]

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