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Игрушка Kibon + Walkmon S05 by Sticky Monster Lab

Say hello to KIBON & WALKMON, 2 figures created by South Korean designstudio Sticky Monster Lab. KIBON & WALKMON are rocking some awesome colors and decals and KIBON is wearing an awesome hoodie while he listens from the tunes his WALKMON send to his headphones. KIBON stands 6" tall (15 cm) and his buddy WALKMON is about 1" tall (3cm).

Sticky Monster Lab are famously known for their work with NIKE and their crazy animated cartoons, Their quest to get their cartoony creations from film to vinyl was a long but awesome road !!

Artist: Sticky Monster lab
Size: 6" – 15 cm & 1" – 3 cm
Produced: 500 pieces
Released: 2013
Label: Sticky Monster Lab
Medium: Vinyl

2800 2240 руб.